Down in the Silicon Valley, things are looking up. LightercasE, like so many Valley innovators around us, thrives in the competitive, technological, never-before atmosphere of the neighbourhood, absorbing the entrepreneurial concepts of one-of-a-kind invention, and using our brilliant idea (we think it is and know you will too), we created this start-up.

Jason Buzi, co-founder and CEO of Smartcase, has been an entrepreneur for his entire life. As a real estate investor and developer, he has participated in renovating and construction of new homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Other pursuits have included wholesaling diamonds in his early 20's and trading currencies. Jason also loves teaching and spent a year teaching English in Taiwan. He has also volunteered to establish libraries in Ghana and build schools in Bulgaria. His travels have taken him to over 75 countries. Jason's strong curiosity, insatiable desire to learn, creativity, and passion for new technologies has led him to international adventures and an innovative approach to problem solving.

Jason's idea for Lightercase came after talking to friends while out one evening. Several people kept asking for a light and he realized even smokers often dont have their lighter with them. But everyone had their phone out.

And yes, there are more ideas where that one came from. Keep an eye out as we share our light.